Become a certified MiLLi* Educator

Certificate: MiLLi* Educator / Second Level Qualification

Where: MATS Campus/ Katutura Community Arts Centre/ Windhoek

Who: Educators or group leaders who are connected to either a youth organisation, school, another educational structure or an organisation working with or for media.

Why: With the MiLLi* Second Level Qualification you will obtain a MiLLi* Educator Certificate which enables you to apply and transfer the knowledge gained within your organisation or community – starring within in the MiLLi* Youth Network.

How: Feel free to contact us and receive detailed information, about the course and requirements. Sign in, be there and be committed!

Upcoming Certificate Course: 2nd to 6th February 2018 – Module B – Topics and Media Ethics

Module A – Understanding MIL and MIL Settings

When: 6th  to 10th  April 2017

Outcome: Allows students to understand the concept and dimensions of MIL within the Namibian media landscape, and to apply their knowledge in an educational setting.

Module B – Topics and Media Ethics

When: 2nd – 6th February 2018

Outcome: Enables participants to apply media ethics and distinguish between facts, opinions, high-quality news, media bias, propaganda, rumours and fake news; to conduct interviews; illustrate the various features and purposes behind media reports and to elaborate on agenda setting in Namibia

Module C – MIL and Social Media

When: 29th June to 3rd July 2017

Outcome: Allows students to reflect on the usage of social media and how to identify and analyze information sources to enable them to engage with social media in their professional environment applying journalism and ethical considerations.

Module D – MIL Methodology – Participatory and Active Media Projects 

When: 4th November – 7th November 2017

Outcome: Allows students to learn and practice various participatory training methodologies and enables trainees to conduct and design MIL workshops.

Module E – MIL Project Development 

When: 14th June – 18th June 2018

Outcome: Enables participants to design, plan, implement and evaluate a MIL training project for a specific target group.

Module F – Create and implement your own MiLLi* Project