Our Core Products Include:

MiLLi* Summer School

Aim: Educate youth on MIL and produce 

qualified MiLLi* facilitators. 

Who: Youth actively involved in community development. 

Why: To become a MIL Facilitator, ready to implement projects in their communities across 8 mediums. The mediums offered are: Sound, Photography, Video, Radio, as well as training on the following Social Media modules: Be Digital, Be Safe, Fight the Fake, Power to Empower and Hate & Radicalization. One medium per Summer School. 

MiLLi* Youth Projects

Aim: Enhance participation of youth in MIL. 

Who: Youth in the regions. 

Why: Regional youth empowerment on MIL.

MiLLi* Certificate Course

Aim: Participants gain credit points to become MIL 


Who: All qualified Milli* Facilitators 

Why: To reach a wider audience and enhance the quality of education in MIL. 

MIL and Sports4Dev

Aim: MiLLi* facilitators participate in Sports4Dev Workshop

Who: All Milli* Facilitators 

Why: Media and Information Literacy improves critical thinking skills, allows participants to learn by doing and recognizes the importance of point-of-view. These are all skills which complement sports development.