MiLLi Coordination Centre

Josaphat Tjiho


Josaphat Tjiho is a media Information Literacy (MIL) facilitator with vast experience in media literacy, internet governance and performing arts. He serves as the Director at MiLLi* Trusts, where he oversees and runs the day-to-day activities of the trust. Additionally, Josaphat also serves as a stakeholder representative on the MiLLi* board of trustee. He also serves as the chairperson of the Namibian Internet Governance Forum (NamIGF). In addition, Josaphat is passionate about raising awareness on the issues of access to information and human rights through the use of performing arts and innovation in technology.

Farah Frederick

Head of Coordination

Obtained a diploma in Modern Management from Cambridge International College – London
busy with a degree in Project Management from Bringham Young University – United States of America
Became MYP Facilitator in 2017
MIL Trainer since 2020
Coordinator 2019 – 2020
Head of Coordination Center Aug 2020
Interests: MIL, Access for Information, Digital and Human Rights, Freedom of Expression.