About MiLLi*

MiLLi* was initiated in 2015 by MATS, the Media Arts Technology Studies of the College of the Arts, in Windhoek. MATS offers certified qualification for Media and Information Literacy (MIL) facilitators and set standards for MiLLi* projects and activities in educational settings.

Since its inception, MiLLi* is supported by Deutsche Welle Akademie, Germany’s leading media development organization. The DW Akademie Namibia office is providing assistance by bringing together international MIL experts and Namibian educators, creating expertise for implementing a Namibian strategy for Media Literacy development

The MiLLi* Trust is a non-profit initiative that aims to foster media and information literacy in the youth of Namibia. MiLLi* aims to build capacities of youth through its innovative and expert educational products in the area of Media Information Literacy (MIL), i.e. Youth Projects, Summer School and Certificate Course in MIL. To ensure the implementation and sustainability of all programmes, MiLLi* relies on support partners for institutional and project funding for its activities. 


MIL is the ability to interpret and make informed judgements as users of information sources, as well as become producers of information.

MiLLi* trains the principles of AACRA across 8 mediums.

The following 5 dimensions of Media serve as the foundational principles used by MiLLi* when training MIL. Media and Information Literacy is the ability to Access media, Analyse and Create media content as well as Reflect about media and Act with media. MIL is defined as a set of competencies that empower citizens to access, retrieve, understand, evaluate and use, create and share information as well as media content in all formats using various tools.