MiLLi* Summer School 2018


Summer School 2018: 5th till 15th September 2018


College of the Arts, KCAC Campus Katutura, at the Media Arts and Technology Studies Department (MATS)


MiLLi* Summer School qualifies young people from youth organizations, civic education and media organizations in Namibia to become MiLLi* Facilitators.  For 10 consecutive days they will go through intensive training in Media and Information Literacy, and facilitation methodologies. Thereafter the newly trained MiLLi* Facilitators will implement MiLLi* Projects in their communities and educate the youth on Media and Information Literacy (MIL).


Yearly around 30 motivated participants, who have a keen interest in Media and Information Literacy and who are currently working within a media environment and/or together with youth groups.


A team of senior media lecturers from the College of the Arts and international experts in MIL developed a curriculum in Media and Information Literacy, designed in line with Namibian realities.

During Summer School, a mix of local and international trainers is taking care of four small groups of participants, each focusing on a different medium: Radio, Video, Music and Photography.


Media and Information literacy is much needed in Namibia, where 55% of the population consists of youth under the age of 25. At the same time, we see an explosion in the use of social media, and youth has more and more access to internet and all forms of media.  But the understanding what and who is behind media, and the messages that come through media is non-existing.

Joost van de Port, Head of Department at MATS and initiator describes the initiative as ground breaking. “It’s focusing on the urgent societal need for media education among young Namibians, from Windhoek up to the furthest corners of this country. After breaking ground, and the planting and nurturing of the first seeds, we’re now back to the regions to sprout further. From there the real spread of Media and Information Literacy will start.”

Here is what some participants had to say:
“I learnt how to access, analyze information and reflect on info to create my own news. Now I can finally act by training other young Namibians.”

Tanswell Rooinasie, (26) from Kairos Radio in Hardap Region.

“I experienced how to record a song with instruments using a smart phone. But the highlight was the construction of music and the impact of music on our youth. Music is a means of communicating a message, so this course will really help aspiring artists to produce relevant, clear and creative messages to inspire others to do better.”

Maurley Hilongwane (24), Omaheke Radio

“I now that media conditions society. The highlight of the Summer School was the new methodologies we were taught which are exceptional and will pave the way for learning in Namibia.”

Opeyemi Toriola (26), National Youth Council, Otjozondjupa

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